Spellfinder - Book 2 in the Cassidy Edwards series

The Job
Hunting a mysterious force attacking the House of Rowle with spells of the most malevolent, arachnid kind.

The Players
A wickedly handsome warlock-of-a-boss, a hostile Nether Reach Keeper hell-bent on my arrest, and a vampire who just might believe that he’s my father.

My Problem
As my new Spellfinding gig plunges me deeper into the world of the Charmed Mafia, destiny presents the king of all conflicts … forcing me to walk a tightrope of lust and betrayal as the monster inside me awakens.

Monster is the first book in this series ... and after Spellfinder, Mindbreaker


I was super stoked when I got the notification this was available. I love Cassidy Edwards! She's such a badass, and the story is awesome. This takes up shortly after the first novel ends.

- Courtney - reviewer on Amazon

"Spellfinder" develops even better and faster than "Monster." Cassidy keeps getting thrown into situations that test her skills and ability to stay cool.

- an anonymous reviewer on Amazon

I was so ecstatic when I noticed this book had been released. I love love LOVED the first book that I even went as far as to contact Carmen directly and ask when the second would come out. . And she did not disappoint! The epic storyline continues as well as the action and simmering chemistry between Cassidy and Lucian.
Read this in one day. Waiting ever so patiently for part 3 already. Enjoy!

- Candis - a reviewer on Amazon