The Brotherhood of The Snake

The Brotherhood of the Snake - Book 2

Learn more about the first book in this series, The Glass Wall.

After breaking the Glass Wall, Sydney finds herself on the run with Rafael.

And as her feelings for him awaken, danger arrives in the form of Mesmers, agents of evil sent by the Brotherhood of the Snake.

But when Jareth struts back onto the scene, it isn't long before Sydney finds herself immersed in sinister secrets, and the subsequent whirlwind of events leaves her wondering just who is right and who is wrong?

Join Sydney as she journeys through romance, humor, and adventure into the mysterious world of Tulpas, the Fae, and the Brotherhood of the Snake.

360 pages of urban YA fantasy fun!!!

A few of the many reviews:

This book was full of surprises from the beginning to the end. Full of choices and decisions that Sydney will need to make in order to save her life, the lives of those she loves, and the world from the lizard people. Looking forward to reading book three "The Inner Circle." - Jo-Ann D.

Ready for surprises! Great action and story. Best to read this series somewhere quiet. Waiting for the next book on this series. Thank you. - J.C.

The story expands into the spectacular world of the Fae with our female protagonist being protected and pursued by two exotic male exemplars as she leaps and stumbles through her quest to save herself and humanity. The only problem here: I can't wait for the last book to be written.
- P.B.

The next book in this series: The Inner Circle :)