Carmen Caine poses with a REAL highlander
"A guy in a kilt ... he was hilarious, had the whole street laughing, pretending to run off with all the lassies and teasing about stealing women, etc. ;) He semi-apoligized after, and I told him, heck no - I totally expected him to be that way and would have been disappointed if he hadn't tried! ;)"
- Carmen in Edinburgh, Scotland 2012

Like many of us on this planet, Carmen Caine, a.k.a. "Madison Adler", is from another world....

Since the time she was a wee, knee-high lass, Carmen has spent every moment possible writing stories. First she scribbled them on the wall with crayon (this displeased her Mom), then she wrote them in the margins of her school notebook (this displeased her teachers), and now she jots them down on sticky notes which her kids find posted all over the house, barn, and car (this doesn't displease her kids — but it does make them laugh at her).

When she is not working as a software engineer, she is either busy ferrying her kids to various appointments, writing lyrics for her husband's songs, taking care of her new Doberman pup, Ajax, herding two insane cats to their litterboxes, scratching her three Nigerian Dwarf Goats behind the horns, or coddling her flock of thirty chickens — all of whom originate from all around the world.

Carmen knows that was a run-on sentence, but she doesn't care ... heheh

Some Q & A with Carmen Caine....

What are your favorite books and/or movies?


    That is a tricky one.... Honestly, I don't really have any particular favorite book or movie anymore. I've gone into a weird state with stories; if the story doesn't sweep me away, I find myself analyzing it and categorizing it into the various story structures I've studied about, making it almost like working out a puzzle.

    So, the kinds of movies that I really love now are foreign films and Korean Dramas. They don't follow the same story patterns, and I can be surprised easier ... just like I read a lot of stories, but the ones that stick out for me are the ones that don't follow the norm — so THOSE tend to be my favorites. ;)

    That's kind of why I'm hooked on writing real history into my stories now – because it throws a huge tidal wave of unexpected scenes right into my lap, making my writing more like doing a puzzle — as I have to figure out how to weave my story INTO the real history. :)

What kind of music do you listen to?


    I like music that makes me feel something. Tend to stick to Enigma, Depeche Mode, but I even have a Dub-Step song that I like, because the guy's voice is so low, it rumbles right through you and it sounds cool ... and there is even a screaming death-metal song that I love, because it makes me want to scream. :) So, I play that when I want to scream.

     I play medieval lutes when I'm in a certain mood, and then I'll listen to Snow Patrol or One Direction (the new boy band) with my daughter, because it is fun and light-hearted. So I guess I'm totally all over the map ... not sure what that says about me. :)