Farm Animals

Carmen's goats enjoy a good read!


Squiggles, Bob and Luna are Norwegian Dwarf goats, almost 4 years old now ~ wow! Carmen bottle-fed them for several months, and it wasn't long before they considered her "mama". As you can see, just like Carmen's daughter, they are avid readers.

baby chicks... awww....

Every year Carmen adds chicks from around the world to her brood of hens. The one with no feathers is a Turducken! ;) (Actually, it's really a Turken...)

Carmen's Chicken Status Report

"I love my chickens, I have about 20 little girls now and get brown, green and white eggs every morning – they JUST started laying last week, and I'm getting about 7 eggs a day, but they are all tiny eggs since most of my girls are only 7 months old right now. :)

"I divided my barn into two parts, one part for the goats and one part for the chickens, with a divider in the middle and wire covering the top half to the ceiling, so the chickens wouldn't get hurt by the goats and would always have a safe, quiet place to nest (and, boy, those goats are VERY tricky about getting into the chicken feed…!)"
- Carmen
One of Carmen's hens with a chick


If you're familiar with The Glass Wall, Book One in Carmen Caine (aka Madison Adler)'s YA urban fantasy, you're familiar with the Doberman, Ajax. Well, Ajax is real! But he's just a puppy still. Ajax has Carmen wrapped around his cute, tan, puppy paws...

Ajax, Carmen Caine's Doberman puppy

"I ADORE garage sales! I take Ajax with me, and we've been going "dog-toy" shopping lately. It's good for him – he gets his socialization in, which I'm having to be very diligent about as he's already super-protective at 4 months and is going 'on alert' over every noise now. So it's a chance for him to learn to relax more around new people.

"We find stuffed animals and things for him to chew on, and he gets admired by people - he thinks he's in heaven."


If Carmen could, she'd travel to other worlds, but for now, she's grateful to explore this blue ball whenever she can. Nothing inspires her more to write than seeing new places, people, and cultures. Nothing is more educational and nothing else can lure her away from Ajax. ;)

France Scotland Japan Japan Malta

But of course, her number one passion is her family....

    (Number two is writing!)