The Kindling Heart

The Kindling Heart - Scotland, 1478

Ruan MacLeod was through with women. They were nothing but trouble.

Leaving the rash life of his youth behind, he returned to Skye, seeking peace. He never meant to split the clan or start a war with the MacDonald of Duntulm. He certainly never foresaw an arranged marriage to the most scandalous woman in Scotland. Even though she was twice his age, the size of a horse and mother to more than one illegitimate child, he agreed to secure his sister's freedom.

However, even that plan goes drastically awry. On his wedding day, he finds himself faced instead with an enticing, green-eyed lass named Bree. A walking disaster, his bride immediately turns his world into chaos and threatens to melt his resolve never to love again.

Betrayed by her own mother, Bree flees to Skye, thinking only to reunite with her long, lost father. Instead, she finds herself wed to Ruan MacLeod as a replacement bride. When she is forced to remain in the castle, she is soon caught between brothers and the mentally ill wife of the laird.

Shy, yet strong, Bree embarks on a journey of independence and learns along the way that all men are not necessarily evil. In fact, one particularly brooding, yet gentle-hearted warrior is worthy of love, and she soon loses her heart forever.

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"... Ms. Caine, through pure talent with words, brought the highland settings vividly alive, making me feel as if I were truly there. Plotting her way from one conflict to another made this a page-turner and had the ending arrive far too soon ..."
- Author of The Vicarage Bench Series,
Mimi Barbour

"The story of Ruan and Bree hooked me from the beginning ... I would recommend this to anyone wanting a good read with a happy ending."
- Author of Sundered, Shannon Mayer

"It is not even a genre I would normally read! It just pulled me along and if my bladder hadn't protested so urgently, I would have read it to the end without a break."
- Poul Bendsen, Reader